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September 2022

A momentous month in the history of these islands. It was always my intention to attend the Queen`s funeral, but it still came as something of a surprise finding myself on The Mall at midnight. What unfolded was an experience I will never forget. The picture shows some of the lovely people who arrived at at the same spot in London, all expressing the feeling that " they just had to be there" and who helped to make my pilgrimage truly life affirming.  

August 2022

My intention this year was to visit as many gardens as possible however it has taken me until August to get to see any at all. Three in a long weekend has started to make up for the deficiency with a trip to the Wye Valley. Hampton Court Castle and then Westbury Court were both very enjoyable and then on a recommendation from Marion, my customer and all knowing horticultural oracle, my last visit on the Sunday afternoon was to Veddw House Garden. I doubt that I will ever see anything more beautiful or profound. I will attempt to write a blog post about my experience but it is going to take me some time to gather the myriad thoughts whizzing round in my head and turn them into something resembling coherence. 

June 2022

The last couple of months have been quite eventful with a trip to Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey but to top it all I attended the Stamford recordings of Gardeners Question Time ( the longest running radio program at 75 years old this year). I was lucky enough to ask the final question of the second recorded episode which airs on the 8th July. Hopefully I survive the edit!

More on this and the trips to London in future blog posts. 



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After a successful career in textiles and clothing spanning more than 3 decades, a series of fortunate events, led Will to begin offering gardening services in and around Stamford. The proceeds were to go towards the restoration of his historic railway signal box adjacent to Stamford Station. The occasional bit of weeding quickly turned into a full time occupation encompassing garden development and care for an ever expanding customer base. 

Fully established over several years now the plans for the future include offering opportunities and training to the next generation of horticulturalists as well as an exciting garden restoration which will lead to community and commercial projects.  

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Making your garden flourish is our core activity. We have built up a reputation for reliable, conscientious and creative work, keeping your garden looking beautiful throughout the gardening year. Specialist lawn care packages are available on request. 
We use professional standard equipment and are fully insured. 



One of the benefits of working in an environment through the seasons is that you acquire an understanding of the spirit of the garden. The more time spent carrying out important basic tasks allows you to experience the rhythms and idiosyncrasies that combine to create unique conditions in every space. Observing the natural elements and how they affect the growing conditions over a prolonged period enables us to make assessments and recommendations for developments to improve; individual or group positional planting, quality and variety of plant stock, planting plans and border design set within the context of the overall aesthetic. 
Our customers trust us to innovate using our creativity and knowledge to realise the agreed vision for their garden.


One of life`s great pleasures is taking cuttings and nurturing that new growth into a flourishing plant. We aim to propagate and then offer a small number of perennials in a wide selection of varieties. Locally grown and initially offered exclusively to our customers. We hope to start plant sales to the public in 2022.

"A visionary gardener"

Nicolas Rudd-Jones (Owner of Stamford Living Magazine)

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A career in horticulture

The business is committed to supporting the next generation of horticulturists. 2021 saw the first trainee join the company receiving both supervised on the job training as well as being sponsored to study the industry standard RHS Diploma in the Principles and Practices of Horticulture Level 2 course. 

In 2022 the intention is to expand the training program with opportunities for new candidates to join the team. Initial informal applications are being welcomed for the rest of this year.

Click the link or go to the contact page and introduce yourself.

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